February 28, 2015

School Spirit Pays

School Spirit Pays
Denise Senter, President
Carolyn Spurgin
112 e. Louisiana Street, Suite C
McKinney, TX  75069

Partnering with communities to help fund schools by giving them 25% of the revenue generated through credit card processing services from local businesses.

Local businesses in every community have the opportunity to help put millions of dollars into education by using School Spirit Pays for credit card processing.

School Spirit Pays’ mission is to partner with school organizations and communities to increase funding for schools, while helping local businesses grow. We will match almost any merchant’s current credit card processing rates and redirect the money typically paid to sales agents into the Education Foundations, PTAs/PTOs or Booster Clubs
that support your local schools. Every School Spirit Pays
Business is promoted through public relations, social media,
and the School Spirit Pays Website and Smartphone App.

Telephone (800) 799–2390
Email:  carolyn.spurgin@schoolspiritpays.com

Website:  www.schoolspiritpays.com