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Melissa is 11.5 square miles with approximately 7,000 homes already established.  Melissa is built over 3 state highways – Hwy 75, Hwy 5 and Hwy 121, which is certainly unique as our growth can often be affected by state highway improvements and regulations. These three highways also make it incredibly easy to access or leave Melissa. We have numerous strip centers and with the coming of an HEB store in 2026, we expect a number of box stores to come to Melissa then as well. Melissa will soon be home to 3 luxury townhome rental developments and at present, 9 more multifamily developments, together roughly 1,400 units.

In addition, Melissa has started undergoing what is known as the Downtown Overlay (refurbishment) and over the next few years will be adding a new retail complex near the historic heart of Melissa Downtown area.  The newly added retail complex will include stores such as Aces Hardware. Our Historic Downtown is currently home to a number of established businesses – including a nationally renowned salon, a gorgeous boutique, and a few more businesses, including the office of Melissa’s Chamber of Commerce. Melissa’s Historic Downtown area – although small for now – has an interesting history with only three buildings surviving the tornado of 1922. Two of those buildings are seen today on Cooper Street (the old bank building) and Barker Street off Hwy5 (the Barker House).

In Melissa, have residents from 35 countries, speaking 29 languages in our homes and so we are certainly a diverse population but still with a number of residents who have been here for multiple generations since Melissa was much of a farming community.

Melissa is home to a number of churches – the larger 3 being First Melissa, City Church and United Methodist Church of Melissa.

Melissa is very unique in that we celebrate big when it comes to our kids! Friday Night Lights is a weekly highlight during football season, and sports in our schools is as big as our academic focus is.  Our ISD is the largest employer in Melissa with over 500 staff on payroll.

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