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About Ambassadors

The Melissa Chamber Ambassador Program


The Melissa Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Program allows for members to serve in areas of expertise and to support the mission of the Chamber. Ambassadors are volunteers who commit to levels of service and support.

Ambassadors who serve, earn points for their service in a number of areas. For example, attendance at the regular Chamber events such as luncheons, networking coffees and ribbon cuttings will earn the particular Ambassador Service Points.

Ambassadors provide service in the form of outreach to members and conduct surveys of members to ensure the Chamber is meeting expectations and providing value to the Chamber Members. Ambassadors also reach out to new and existing business in Melissa, to invite them to join the Chamber and to attend the various events that the Chamber conducts.

Ambassadors provide service through their own particular skill sets, such as social media and/or I.T support including data entry and data analysis. Some provide Organizational skills for major events and activities. Some serve through personal contact and member support. Ambassadors provide communication to members to ensure they are aware of special events that would be of value to the members.

The Ambassadors meet on a regular basis to ensure engagement and alignment with the Chamber Board’s mission and vision. While Ambassadors work with a level of autonomy, the subcommittee leadership, through regular contact and meetings, ensure that the efforts enhance the goals of the Chamber at large.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for the Melissa Chamber of Commerce, please contacts us at or (972) 837-4277

Vaida Prather

Vaida Prather - Ambassador Director

Stacy Needham

Stacy Needham - Ambassador Parades Director

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